About Us

GPU Hosting is a Canada based company with the goal of becoming a leading Zcash service provider. Our team of qualified and motivated specialists is dedicated to this goal and is working very hard to make sure the company is constantly improving to provide the best possible results. We aim to provide value with every aspect of our offering. Telling you about all members of the team would take some time, which is why we have decided to introduce you to the three pillars of the company: Jonathan, Laszlo, and Charles.

Jonathan Forte
Jonathan has 17 years of hands-on experience in web hosting and development during which he has developed strong technical skills. He started and managed the well-established company FD Canada that has been successfully active in this sector for over 10 years. In 2012, he learned about Bitcoin and was immediately fascinated. What first started as a passion for cryptocurrencies became over the past 4 years an active community participation that allowed him to learn valuable skills in everything related to hosting services for computational nodes. The logical next step for Jonathan was to start a business in this area and he has been waiting for years to find the right opportunity. When the cryptocurrency Zcash launched, he knew this was what he had been waiting for and he started GPU Hosting. Jonathan is an innovator at heart with a strong passion for digital currencies.

Laszlo Giricz
Laszlo has spent over 17 years working as a business and technology consultant for the largest international investment banks in 11 financial centers around the world, including London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Toronto. He first learned about cryptocurrencies back in 2009 when he was offered to buy Bitcoin, which he turned down. Many years later he realized that he had wasted what he believed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. When he learned about Zcash, he immediately realized that this would be even bigger than Bitcoin. Determined to be part of this new technology, he joined Jonathan and helped drive GPU Hosting to become the leading player in this rapidly growing marketplace. His experience with international financial markets coupled with decades of software development experience proved to be a significant asset to GPU Hosting.

Dr. Charles Randquist
Charles was a fantastic addition to an already ambitious and knowledgeable team. His personal investment experiences with countless ventures proved to be very valuable. We realized early in our venture that having subject matter experts and technology wizards was simply not enough. In order to attract ultra-high-net-worth-individuals it was crucial to speak their language, and Charles added this skill-set to our management team. Charles is one of the most successful surgeons in his field and regularly provides guidance and training to professionals around the world. He has met with royalty, heads of state, and some of the most influential members of society. Yet, he managed to remain grounded in a way that is truly remarkable. His contribution to the success of GPU Hosting is tremendous.