Frequently asked Questions

Why do you sell hosting contracts rather than using all your servers yourself?
This is the question we hear the most and also the one that is the easiest to answer. In short, economy of scale. We could buy all the hardware we can afford, though we would be limited by our financial abilities. The more contracts we sell the more hardware, and the better hardware, we can purchase. Then there is TCO, or total cost of ownership. For example, electricity rates for a household are considerably higher than for a corporate client. And the more electricity you consume as a corporate client, the better electricity rates you can get. With virtually every aspect of our business, as we scale higher, the prices go lower. And this is why we sell hosting contracts. Economy of scale is a beautiful aspect of business that truly creates win-win situations.

Why Zcash and not other cryptocurrencies?
We feel Zcash has huge potential. Bitcoin has created this market and was an unbelievable opportunity when it went from less than 0.01 USD per coin in 2010 to over 1,200 USD in 2013, down to around 200 USD in 2015, and then to over 2,700 USD in 2017. We believe that Zcash is going to outperform Bitcoin and become one of the leading cryptocurrency for many reasons. The main reason, in our opinion, is the incredibly strong development team that enjoys raving reviews and enthusiastic support from investors and technology experts around the world. And then there is another reason why we believe that Zcash has a bright future ahead. Bitcoin promised to offer anonymity, which we now know was not achieved. Zcash, on the other hand, is fully encrypted in every aspect of the transaction. We believe Zcash has the greatest potential and this is why we have decided to specialize in hosting services for this cryptocurrency.

Where can I use Zcash and can I exchange Zcash into money?
Zcash uses the same underlying technology that Bitcoin was built on. Because of this, Zcash benefits from over a Billion USD invested in Bitcoin related services since 2013. Zcash is already actively trading on various exchanges, with 24h trading volumes exceeding 163 Million USD in May 2017, less than seven months after its launch. Zcash can be sold at various digital exchanges around the world, including Kraken and Poloniex. We expect that you will soon be able to directly use Zcash for everyday purchases as well as through debit cards. And then there are of course services like ShapeShift, which allow you to instantly exchange Zcash into Bitcoin, and as such allow you to use Zcash at all the places where Bitcoin is already accepted.