• Fully managed hosting service
  • Professional team with decades of experience
  • Continuous research and development
  • Optimized custom hardware and software
  • Fully insured server farm with 24-hour security
  • Daily balance transfers from as little as 0.0001 ZEC

Cryptocurrencies introduced us to a new world of borderless capitalism. Very few believed Bitcoin would survive more than a few months, yet alone start a revolution that within less than a decade would evolve into a market that exceeded 90 billion USD in total market capitalization and had daily trading volumes exceed 6 Billion USD. Compared with the global FX market that trades in excess of 5 Trillion USD per day, the cryptocurrency market is still small and is expected to grow significantly. Such tremendous growth comes with opportunities.

Without going into too much detail, cryptocurrencies require a large amount of distributed computing power. In fact, the more computational nodes are available to a cryptocurrency network, the better it performs. In order to achieve this, an incentive system has been created. Providing computational nodes to a cryptocurrency network is rewarded with units of the cryptocurrency. This system has been successful for many years and has proven to be highly profitable.

We host computational nodes and manage them for our customers as a service that covers hardware, electricity, cooling, and maintenance. Our customers purchase hosting contracts from us and provide the computational nodes to the cryptocurrency network. The cryptocurrency network then rewards our customers with units of the cryptocurrency. We manage the entire process.